The national WageIndicator websites function as online, up to date labour market libraries for workers, employers, governments, academics and media alike. Aim is to assist individual workers and employers with real wage data during negotiations and job search. To assist workers, employers and labour inspectors with comprehensive insight in national Labour Law, and how to comply with the law. Assist individual workers and employers with problems of daily working life.

Women on Waves aims to prevent unsafe abortions and empower women to exercise their human rights to physical and mental autonomy. We trust that women can do a medical abortion themselves and make sure that women have access to medical abortion and information through innovative strategies. Ultimately it is about giving women the tools to resist repressive cultures and laws. Women on Waves was founded in 1999 by Rebecca Gomperts.

Women on Web is a digital community of women who have had abortions and individuals and organizations that support abortion rights.